Math Academy 1

Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing

Thursday, May 5: Last day for quiz retakes and late work

Friday, May 6: Chapter Eight Test

Online Quizzes

SectionOnline QuizStatus
8-ANormal DistributionsDue Monday, April 11
8-BThe Central Limit TheoremDue Tuesday, April 12
8-CP ValuesDue Thursday, April 14
8-DTypes of Statistical TestsDue Wednesday, April 20
8-EHypothesis Testing with a Calculator or SpreadsheetDue Sunday, April 24


III: 10.15, 9, 19, 30, 33, 35, 36AThursday, April 14missing
Worksheet 8-BThe Central Limit TheoremBTuesday, April 19missing
Worksheet 8-CP ValuesCMonday, April 25missing
Worksheet 8-DTypes of Statistical TestsDWednesday, April 27missing
Worksheet 8-EHypothesis Testing with a Calculator or SpreadsheetEFriday, April 29missing